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  • Thinking Big in Redwood City
    The architecture of Amsterdam Bijlmer(photo by tataAnne) could representthe future Redwood City station.In a seamless transportation network that runs on a regular clockface schedule with timed, well-coordinated transfers, connecting nodes play a key role. Redwood City has natural potential as a connecting node, being located approximately at the midpoint of the peninsula rail corridor, serving […]
  • Growing Caltrain into an 8-Lane Freeway
    Caltrain can and should become an eight-lane freeway. Not like an ugly concrete scar tearing loudly through the landscape, but in terms of throughput capacity in people per hour. Today, Caltrain already carries the equivalent of nearly 3 freeway lanes, and more than doubling the system's capacity is hardly a moonshot. For perspective, BART's Transbay […]
  • Still Dithering on Level Boarding
    EMU low door configurationRecent documents seeking regulatory relief from certain FRA requirements for Caltrain's new EMU fleet reveal details of the interface between the train and a station platform.The lower doors of the EMUs will feature a deploying step at 15 inches (measured above the top of the rail), halfway between the 8-inch platform and […]
  • Over-Promising on Electrification
    Numerous recent Caltrain materials include the following quantitative claims (see slide at right) about the service benefits of the electrification project:A baby bullet train making 5-6 stops will make the SF - SJ trip in 45 minutes, down from 60 minutes today. A train making the SF - SJ trip in 60 minutes will be able […]
  • New SF Caltrain Terminus Opens at 0 tph
    Zero trains per hour (tph) is the inaugural Caltrain service level at San Francisco's new Transit Center, which opened to the public today after a decade of construction. The grand opening of the center, with its expansive $400 million basement featuring ghost tracks, ghost platforms and a ghost passenger concourse will no doubt crystallize the […]

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  • Man gets life in prison for 2011 fatal shooting
    A 45-year-old transient has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for a fatal drive-by shooting in Menlo Park in 2011, San Mateo County prosecutors said.
  • Affordable apartments get rebuild
    A Redwood City apartment complex with 72 affordable units is finally getting rebuilt after a six-alarm fire displaced all of the tenants in 2013.
  • Five vie for three San Carlos City Council seats
    How the next three San Carlos councilmembers will approach the uptick of development planned in the city, monitor its improving fiscal outlook and be a voice for the some 30,000 San Carlos residents in the next four years are among…
  • Officials weigh Broadway parking
    Burlingame officials are seeking to alleviate merchant concerns about parking problems along Broadway, but stopped short of approving investing heavily in the issue until further study is completed.
  • New design for hotel proposal
    Residents and officials alike celebrated the latest design for a proposed Hyatt hotel in Half Moon Bay, but there are persisting concerns about impacts the development will have on city utilities and traffic, and many questioned the need for another…