Nearly fifty GESC residents showed up to voice their concerns at the Laureola meeting on 3/21/08. The following is a list of their concerns along with over 100 other NorthEast San Carlos resident’s concerns who personally spoke with us during our neighborhood canvass a week prior to the meeting:

1) Building Size and Height – Proposed 50+ foot, 4 story residential apartments. Total of 3 buildings north of Holly St. Approx. 300 ft. long, 50+ feet high with less than 60 feet of broken space in between.

2) Slapback noise from CalTrain and freight trains will significantly increase noise level to our neighborhood.

3) Literal loss of hours of PM sunlight to many homes close to Old County Rd. due to building heigth and length.

4) County and city revenues/expenditures from proposed development. Primarily construction, zoning and taxable property of leased land apartments verses private owned land, condos and or townhouses.

5) Parking and Traffic: This project has a large scope that includes 281 units with potentially 1000+ people added to our neighborhood. Only 1.6 spaces per unit have been allocated. Parking and traffic could be a literal nightmare in Northeast San Carlos. And we can’t even guarantee that one resident will take the train!

6) Significant loss of property value to homeowners in our neighborhood due to the above mentioned concerns.

4-story residential buildings over parking garages, including four buildings north of Holly Street, and two buildings just south of Holly Street. There are a total of 281 residential housing units, including 105 1-bedroom units, 101 2-bedroom units, and 75 3-bedroom units. 15% of the 281 units will be required to be Below Market Rate (BMR) units.