SC Transit Village New Design as proposed on May 27, 2008, 7:30 PM at GESC/Laureola Building:

1. The development remains at 4 stories but was slightly lowered from 49 to 47 feet when the pitch of the roof was changed. Unit totals also remained the same around 260 units.

2. Building gaps (or what they call “view corridors”) will exist at the end of Springfield, Sylvan and to a lesser degree Inverness and Riverton. This is a change from before.

3. Some discussion of tree planting on the berm as screens occurred and the developers seemed open to planting trees on the berm, but there is no fixed agreement. Also, there are some uncertainties regarding whether the berm in its current form could hold trees that offer shade without affecting the railroad tracks structural viability.

We are well aware of the nearly unanimous negative reaction from all of you that we have heard regarding this project. We also do not feel these changes meet our needs. Therefore, we wanted to let you know that the Board will develop an action plan and present it to the GESC Community in the coming weeks for your feedback.