Dear GESC board members,

I attended the transportation & circulation commission meeting on 11/17, from 7pm till end (around 10:25pm.) The following is a summary of what was discussed,

1. The consulting group went over the 9 options (A to I) again. Additionally, they presented a matrix comparing each option in diferent aspects (e.g., traffic flow, pedestrian & bike access, cost)  against the PAMF mitigation as baseline, giving an score of 1 if the option was deemed better than the baseline, 0 if it was neutral, and -1 otherwise. Then they assigned weights to each aspect and calculated an overall score for each option. There was some doubts from the commission about the usefulness of these ratings, as, say in the cost aspect, an score of 1 for an option could represent savings of $100.000 compared with the baseline, while a  score of -1 for another option could represent an additional cost of $3M. With this understanding,  the options with the highest scores were C, D, H, and I (different order, but I forgot to take note of the actual scores.)

2, Initially, the commission decided that going forward, the analysis would narrow down to the four options listed above. However, later in the meeting (around 10pm) there was a discussion about how the final recommendation would be presented to the city council, and it was decided that rather than focusing on one specific option, the final recommendation would likely include elements from multiple options. Therefore, it was decided that for the next meeting (12/15) the consulting group & Robert will present a list of the “individual components” included on each option, and the commision will focus on creating a recommendation that includes the “best components” from the 9 original options.

3. The following are some tidbids from the commission discussion and the public feedback:

a. In general, the commission and the public seem to like the idea of the roundabout on Industrial & Holly. However, there are some reservations about traffic flow, especially on a two-lane roundabout.

b. The commission & public like the idea of the bike boulevard on East San Carlos Ave, so it is likely the final recommendation will include one.

c. The commission & public like the idea of a central bike lane on Holly, but there are some reservations about how it would connect to the bike lanes on the Redwood Shores side.

d. Robert stated that personally he is not fond of exercising eminent domain on private property, unless the public benefis are compelling.

e. Frank Addiego stated multiple times the idea of creating an overpass to connect any bike lane on East San Carlos Ave with Skyway Rd on the other side of US 101.

f.  If the commission is unable to reach an agreement on the 12/15 meeting, they will have a “study” session afterwards to get further information from the consulting group, in any case, the deadline to present a recommendation to the city council is around 2/3/10, so it is certain the commission will have it ready by then. Notes