Robert Weil
Public Works Director
City of San Carlos
600 Elm Street
San Carlos, CA 94070
Mr. Weil,

The GESC Board was pleased with the range of alternatives proposed regarding traffic through and around the GESC neighborhood down Holly Street and the Highway 101 overpass at the community meeting held Wednesday evening October 28th, 2009.

The GESC Board prefers a combination of elements from the suggested alternatives that we believe yields a stronger and more cohesive approach to the long-term issues facing our city and immediate neighborhood as we move towards the future:

  1. We are in favor of the Roundabout located on Alternative I because:
  • It segregates pedestrian and bike traffic from automobiles.
  • It provides a unique entrance into San Carlos.
  • It makes the GESC neighborhood a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly community by creating non-vehicular connections to the West Side and Redwood Shores.
  1. We like Alternative D as a proposal/starting point for either:
  • Removing on street parking on Holly and adding East/West bike lanes.
  • Widening the smallest amount possible of Holly in order to accommodate East/West bike lanes and street parking.

We are in favor of either of these options in order to create a bike lane (preferably Class One) on Holly Street in both directions – not for increasing vehicular lanes.  While widening Holly Street will impact residents by taking a small portion of frontage to create the bike lane we feel the benefits there will be:

  • Less truck traffic
  • Traffic dispersed to other intersections
  • Improving the ability of residents getting in and out of Holly street driveways.

East/West Bike lanes on Holly would work in conjunction with the Bike/Pedestrian lane in the middle of the overpass over Highway 101, would provide a direct link between San Carlos and Redwood Shores, and would serve both North and South of Holly residents equally.

  1. Commercial truck traffic should be diverted by ordinance to either Harbor or Brittan Ave.  This will require cooperation with the City of Belmont and County of San Mateo to address increased truck traffic on Harbor.
  2. There should be coordinated traffic signals at or near pedestrian crossings at Holly and El Camino, Holly and Old County Road, and Holly and Industrial, and onto the Highway Freeway northbound and southbound to mitigate the possibility of traffic backing up into the Roundabout.
  3. We are in favor of moving the Highway 101 Southbound ramp to closer to 101 at a signalized intersection as identified in Alternative F.
  4. We would like to see improvements for pedestrian and bicycle access at the intersection of Holly/Old County and Holly/El Camino Real included in this proposal as well.

The net benefit of these improvements will be to make GESC a more integrated community and disperse traffic throughout the City in a more holistic and safe manner by increasing non-vehicular improvements in a structured and cohesive fashion that would benefit not only the residents of GESC by creating a more livable, pedestrian, and bike friendly community, but would also benefit West Side residents, Redwood Shores residents, and Caltrain commuters.   This combined approach is in-line with the City’s Climate Action Plan, now part of the General Plan.


Dimitri Vandellos
GESC Board Member