From: Deborah Nelson
Sent: Monday, November 16, 2009 10:05 AM
To: Ben Fuller; Chris Valley
Cc: Paul Maginetti; Tim Hilborn; Sam Herzberg; Jim Vick; Dimitri Vandellos; Ivan Pena; Shauna
Subject: RE: Delta Star Response Update

Thank you Ben for the comments and Sam for working with us and Delta Star.

I had heard from Margaret Rivera at Delta Star that the work had been completed.  I believe Delta Star had also been in contact with Joan Coons, and reported that there was a noticeable difference once the noise attenuating structure was in place.

We are hopeful that this and the improved communication with Delta Star makes for good neighbors going forward.


From: Ben Fuller
Sent: Saturday, November 14, 2009 12:53 PM
To: Deborah Nelson; Chris Valley
Cc: ‘Paul Maginetti’; ‘Tim Hilborn’; ‘Sam Herzberg’; ‘Jim Vick’; ‘Dimitri Vandellos’; ‘Ivan Pena’; ‘Shauna’
Subject: Delta Star Response Update

Dear Deborah, Chris, and GESC Board:

As you know, a few months ago, GESC encountered ongoing whipping, grinding, and snapping noises at all hours of the night from the Delta Star plant. Over time, Deborah started working with Delta Star to address these violations. Sam Herzberg eventually visited the company and met with what turned out to be very reasonable people who cared about being good neighbors in our Community and wanted to develop a solution to the problem. Soon after, Chris Valley approached GESC and detailed the noise insulation solution that Delta Star was seeking. Furthermore, he fast-tracked the permit approval process, so that this solution could go into place quickly.

Although we have not been formally notified of a completed process, in the last few weeks, we have begun to analyze the results of what seems to be an implemented noise solution. As Sam was told, this would be a first step to a solution that we could hopefully gauge in order to see whether the solution was adequate or might require additional steps. The first results are in from a few neighbors:

1.      Two different neighborhood respondents have reported that they are no longer hearing the noise at any hours of the day or night.

2.      These same respondents wanted to request information on whether Delta Star is continuing their processes or whether perhaps they have turned off the responsible machine during this time.

While it is still early in the process, GESC is very encouraged by preliminary results and wanted to share this positive news with you. Furthermore, GESC would like to thank you Deborah and Chris for your efforts. We would also like to thank the folks over at Delta Star such as Ben Mangana for forging a proactive and apparently effective solution in conjunction with the City of San Carlos.

I know that GESC has gained a reputation for speaking up when things aren’t right. And perhaps the path pursued in this case could have been smoother. The truth, however, is that we continue to be assaulted on all sides of our neighborhood, and our patience sometimes wears thin, even when we are dealing with upstanding and responsible elements in our neighborhood such as the folks at Delta Star and the City staff on this solution. So please accept our heartfelt first note of appreciation for your collective work on this issue that is bringing life back to normal in Greater East San Carlos.


Ben Fuller
President, GESC