October 23, 2009

Dear Candidates for City Council (and Current Members of the Council):

As the 2009 General election nears, San Carlos finds itself at a crossroads.  A new 20-year General Plan has been approved by the City Council.  This General Plan is not yet available to the public in its final form.  From meetings attended by GESC members, our neighborhood has advocated a better city for all.  We have been disappointed by a lack of specific remedies for our underserved area, but are happy to see language that in theory points to a way that all can share in the City of Good Living.

To our neighborhood, to be underserved means:

  • Watershed and groundwater tainted by PCB’s and other toxic and cancer causing chemicals.
  • Crumbling sidewalks blocked by power poles along Old County road making the sidewalks non-compliant with the Americans with Disability Act accessibility standards.
  • Lack of pedestrian safety measurements at our major intersections creating life threatening pedestrian perils and major difficulties for northbound residents to access Laureola Park and Downtown.
  • Lack of community representation and input on plans for projects affecting our neighborhood resulting in development projects with no credible mitigation for problems of parking, density, traffic, and loss of privacy and views that characterize our neighborhood.
  • Inadequate and poorly maintained existing recreational park space in our community.
  • Copious litter and garbage throughout the main streets of our community.
  • Questions about safety and concerns with law enforcement.
  • Poorly maintained streets.
  • In short, a lack of leadership and vision from the city on how to bring prosperity to all of San Carlos

We would appreciate a comment from the candidates and other City Council members on whether you recognize East San Carlos as underserved and how you see remedies for underserved areas within the General Plan. We look forward to sharing your comments with our membership and moving forward with a city government that listens to these concerns.


Ben Fuller

President, GESC

On Behalf of the GESC Board and Community