From: Ben Fuller
Sent: Sunday, November 15, 2009 12:53 PM
To: ‘Al Savay’; ‘Jesse Couch’; ‘Deborah Nelson’; ‘Whitney McNair’; ‘
Cc: ‘Paul Maginetti’; ‘Tim Hilborn’; ‘Sam Herzberg’; ‘Ivan Pena’; ‘Dimitri Vandellos’; ‘Shauna’; ‘Jim Vick’; ‘Scot Marsters’; ‘Andrew Klein’; ‘Omar Ahmad’; ‘Randy Royce’; ‘Bob Grassilli’; ‘Matt Grocott’; ‘Robert Weil’
Subject: FW: Official GESC Letter on San Carlos Transit Village for Inclusion in Draft Environmental Impact Report

Dear SCTV Development Team:

We have learned of an impending release of the Draft Environmental Impact Report. As you know, we have been following this process closely and participating in all key details along the way. In particular, we wanted to offer a friendly reminder of a past official GESC letter sent on June 29, 2009 for inclusion into the Draft Environmental Impact Report. In short, we want to make absolutely sure that the components addressed in our letter our thoroughly and liberally included and inserted into the Draft Environmental Impact Report that will be released in the upcoming days. We have been asked by certain members of the City Council to “follow the process”, so we will ask you the same.

Our understanding of this process is that this is the M Planning Group that is conducting this Environmental Impact Report. So this is the group GESC will be holding accountable for including our letter and concerns throughout the DEIR. As the San Carlos Planning Commission and City Council is well aware, GESC concerns and letters regarding the General Plan were initially not included in the commenting process and required special after the fact meetings. We would like to avoid this process again and just wanted to remind you of our concerns.


Ben Fuller
President, GESC