Forwarded from Ken Castle of White Oaks.

Auto Burglaries hit San Carlos!!!
Police Warn: Don’t Leave ANYTHING of Value in Your Vehicle Overnight

Now that the holidays are upon us, ‘tis the season for auto thefts.

Police reported today that San Carlos was hit last night by four auto burglaries, including two in our neighborhood on the 1300 and 1700 blocks of Eaton.  The two other reports came from the north and east sections of our city.

Also, Ruby block captain Mark Schlager reported that a generator was stolen from the back of a neighbor’s pickup truck a couple of days before Thanksgiving.  These were bold and determined thieves because the generator had been chained to the truck, and the motion sensor lights on the house apparently were not enough to deter the thieves.  It would have required more than one person to commit the theft because of the weight of the generator, says Mark.

Further, Palo Alto police reported yesterday that burglars broke into a whopping 22 cars in that city over a two-day period, in several neighborhoods.  The thieves appeared to be homing in on cars that have GPS navigation systems, CD players, media players or cell phones in plain sight.

San Carlos Police commander Mark Robbins urges residents to be extra careful about not leaving valuables overnight in vehicles, especially Christmas presents as the holiday nears.  Also, police repeatedly warn about not leaving garage door openers in vehicles because the next burglary could be your home – and a garage opener is as good as a key.

Car burglaries are almost always committed overnight, when everyone is home, whereas house burglaries are usually committed during the daytime, when most people are away.

If you see anything suspicious – especially slow-moving pickup trucks, vans or cars during the late evening or early morning hours  – call police immediately.  Don’t worry about “being sure” – just call right away. Try to get a vehicle description and, if possible, a license plate number.

Since most people are sleeping when the burglaries occur, about the only way you would catch the perpetrators would be from a vehicle alarm sounding or a home security camera.