The Draft EIR is being distributed for a 45-day public review and comment period. Readers are invited to submit written comments on the adequacy of the document; i.e., does this Draft EIR identify and analyze the possible environmental impacts and recommend appropriate mitigation measures? Comments are most helpful when they suggest specific alternatives or measures that would better mitigate significant environmental effects. CEQA Guidelines Section 15096(d) calls for responsible agencies3 to provide comments on those project activities within the agency’s area of expertise and to support those comments with either oral or written documentation.

Here is the Draft EIR

View from Sylvan after Transit Village is built

View from Sylvan after Transit Village is built

Written comments should be submitted to: Al Savay, Community Development Director

City of San Carlos
Planning Department
600 Elm Street
San Carlos, CA 94070-3085

Also, a public hearing will be held before the City of San Carlos Planning Commission during the
circulation period of this Draft EIR to obtain additional comments from the community. At a
minimum, the hearing will be announced in a local newspaper and hearing notices will be mailed to
responsible agencies, individuals, and organizations who have requested in writing that they wish to be

El Camino before and After

Before and After View from El Camino looking South