Here are a few pictures I have pulled from the SCTV EIR showing a few before and after developer renditions.  The first thing I notice is how imposing these structures are and how fully they isolate the east and west sides of San Carlos.

I’d also like to point out when you look at the El Camino pictures notice how the train tracks are no longer visible from the west side, now imagine all of the sound bouncing off those buildings and increasing the train noise to East San Carlos.  The EIR claims that because there will not be a solid wall behind the buildings that somehow the bounceback from the train tracks will be not be noticeable.  One simply needs to compare the claims of how the Berm would not increase the noise in our neighborhood to the same statement in the SCTV EIR to realize that there was a lack of due diligence applied to their sound analysis.  More on the subject later but please check out the pictures:

El Camino Before and After

Sylvan Before

Sylvan After

Laureola Pk. After

El Camino & Bush After

Holly to Montgomery from El Camino

Site Plan North