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Caltrain Impact of SCTV

Caltrain Impact of SCTV

Notice how Caltrain commuters will be affected in San Carlos.  The main parking lots that currently exist for commuters would be shifted south and the parking spaces closest to the platform would be time limited spots not suitable for Caltrain commuters.  This means long walks to the train station platform and longer commute times as drivers would need to add the extra time to walk to the platform from a further distance.  It is very hard to imagine that Redwood Shores commuters would not decide to park in the streets south of Holly to be closer to the train platform than the official parking lot!  The EIR fails to mention this impact.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them and see the plan in better detail:

Holly to Montgomery

East San Carlos to Hall

Hall to Bransten


  1. Well, as I stated at the meeting, I’m a proponent of transit oriented development, but it needs to make sense from a transit standpoint. Moving the Caltrain parking doesn’t make sense for commuters who need to drive to the station to take the train.

  2. The externalities of this project fall directly on the GESC Community. I keep asking these guys why would we ever want this project. They can’t even fathom an answer. Pure downside at this point…

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