With the current parking lot the furthest distance to the platform from parking is between .07 and .12 miles.  These are the worst case spots, most spots are significantly closer to the platform essentially a trivial distance to walk.

With the new improved SCTV lot the closest spots will be .20 from the platform and the middle area of the parking lot i.e. Olive Street the spots will be .30 (almost a third of a mile) from the platform.  If you get there late and have to park by Arroyo then you will be .43 miles from the platform.

This was a bit surprising to me so I thought I’d measure a few more locations and their distances to the Caltrain Platform.  All distances were measured using Google Earth to the same platform location:

Distance to Caltrain Platform

.15 McCue and Bayport to Platform

.19 Springfield (4 houses down from Old County) to Platform

.20 Cherry St and Caltrain Parking Lot to Platform (closest spots in new lot)

.22 Mongomery Street and Bayport to Platfrom

.28 Transit Village Apartments North-most building to platform

.29 Town Restaurant to Platform

.32 Olive Street and Caltrain Parking Lot to platform (middle of new parking lot)

.33 City Hall to Platform

.34 Inverness (mid block) to Platform

.39 Post Office/Bianchini’s to Platform

.42 Front of Library doors to Platform

.43 Arroyo Street and Caltrain Parking Lot to Platform (furthest parking spaces in new lot)

.44 Kelly Moore Paint Store to Platform

The developer states in many of the materials available on the city site, that the number of parking spaces for Caltrain commuters will remain the same at 226.  However 47 of those 226 spaces will be “shared” with retail users.  Those 47 “shared” spots are the spots closest to the train platform, since they will be “time-limited” it is unlikely that any commuters will be able to use them!   So my above measurements from Cherry Street to the Train station platform are actually a bit too close.  Additionally this represents a 21% reduction in the total # of parking spaces relative to the current lot.

I think it’s reasonable to state that there will be a major impact to the residents of our community regarding parking given that so many of our streets are closer to the Caltrain Platform than the proposed Caltrain parking lot and the parking on our streets is free.  I also think that parking in the downtown area may get impacted as well from people driving down from the hills and looking for a closer spot than the parking lot.

I think it’s also reasonable to state that given the impending budget cuts to the city that even if we implemented a Sticker program like San Francisco that there would be no one to actually enforce it.

How much will we be charged to buy a sticker for the privilege of being able to simply park in our own neighborhood?

Wheeler Plaza seems like a much more logical choice for Transit Oriented Development than SCTV given the impact to Caltrain commuters who drive to the station and the distance of the majority of the SCTV apartments from the Caltrain Platform.

If you live in the hills and need to plan time for an additional walk of .3 to .4 miles to get to the platform after driving to the the parking lot with 20% fewer spots dedicated to commuters, this may discourage you from taking the train to work altogether adding more freeway congestion and carbon emissions.

Does this sound like transit oriented development?