On the shortest days in Winter the Sunset is around 5PM.  During the longest days of Summer the sunset is around 8:30PM.

So then why does the EIR show the late Shadow simulations at 3PM as the latest time?  Is this to intentionally mislead the public that the shadow impact will be minimal to non-existent?

I sure would like to see shadow simulations at 4PM, 5PM, 6PM and 7PM to get a clearer idea of how the eight Fifty foot tall buildings will create an earlier sunset for our community.

This looks like another example of lack of due diligence in the EIR.  Look at the following pictures from the EIR and make up your own mind:

Quite frankly it looks to me that 3PM was chosen as the latest time possible in the winter  to show the smallest shadow impact.

The sun won’t set for a long time in the above picture, why not show us what the real shadow impact will be?  Isn’t the point of an EIR to show us what the impacts are and to mitigate their effects?  We get 10 to 14 hours of daylight throughout the year so why does the shadow impact only look at a 5 hour window when the Sun is high in the sky?

I keep reading the EIR and getting the feeling that it was written with the intent of minimizing/downplaying what the actual effects will be.

Comments? Observations?