The GESC board is asking residents to take some of their time and send in a letter with issues regarding the SCTV environmental impact report to:

Al Savay, Community Development Director
City of San Carlos
Planning Department
600 Elm Street
San Carlos, CA 94070-3085

You can also email Al at:

The deadline for written feedback is February 2nd.  Emails must be received by 5PM on Feb 2nd.

A public hearing will be held on February 1st, 7:00 PM at the Council Chambers at City Hall, 600 Elm Street.  If you do not have time to write a letter you must go to the meeting to have your EIR issues stated in order for the city to take any action.

Read Scot’s letter and go through this website to get the low down of some of the issues this project has for our neighborhood.  It will help you formulate your own ideas.

Main Issues to State

  • Visual Qualities – Loss of Views
  • Height of Buildings – They are over 50 feet high in many sections
  • Traffic and Parking Impacts – Caltrain parking is moved south by the project.  This impacts traffic and parking for our neighborhood significantly.
  • High Speed Rail- is not accounted for in EIR impacts, especially noise.  Will SCTV buildings reduce viable options for 4 rail tracks?  With the SCTV buildings force all HSR construction to Old County and close traffic on it?  Shouldn’t this project be coordinated with HSR issues?  Should this project be postponed until HSR is more fully fleshed out?
  • Public Amenities – where are they?  Bike path, Skate Park, commuter shuttle improvements, etc..
  • Connectivity from East to West sides – where is it?
  • Noise – No data on increased train noise.  We all know how badly the berm affected noise levels.
  • Drainage/Flooding – Holly Street underpass – floods, no mention of this in EIR
  • Financial Impacts – Schools, Police, Fire, Parks are all facing drastic cuts and the developer is claiming only 6 to 8 kids will attend our local schools that are already so impacted that district rezoning is needed

An effective letter must do the following:

General EIR guidelines

  • EIR feedback is not about approving or not approving a project
  • Ask for additional data and justification on issues
  • Ask for clarifications on specific issues
  • Ask for demonstrable data why there is no significant impact on specific issues that concern you
  • Provide impacts that are missing from the EIR that are not included
  • Supply mitigations that could help improve the project for residents of the city