We were all very concerned by what we felt was a lack of due diligence regarding the creation of the draft EIR by the city and the EIR’s failure to address impacts on very basic issues like:

  • Neighborhood and Community Impacts
  • Visual Impacts – Scenic Views
  • Geologic Hazards
  • Environmental Hazards
  • Traffic and Parking
  • Public Services
  • Noise
  • High Speed Rail
  • Basic Principles of the East Side Specific Plan, San Carlos General Plan, and Resolution 2003-79

Various GESC board members have been reaching out making sure that City Councilmembers look into our EIR feedback and concerns.  Since everyone’s comments are public record I felt we should provide the community each GESC board member’s individual EIR letter to the city as well as Scot Marster’s comments (which were already posted last week on this site).

I’ve included my Powerpoint presentation which was a very basic outline concerning a few high level issues. These are all available as PDF links that you can download and read on your computer.

DV SCTV EIR Powerpoint Presentation

Sam H Comments on SCTV Draft EIR

Tim H Comments on the Draft EIR

DV Comments on SCTV Draft EIR

Paul M Comments on SCTV Draft EIR

Ben Fuller Comments on SCTV Draft EIR

Scot M Comments on Draft EIR

I also have personally sent my feedback to each board member individually but have not heard back definitively as to whether my comments have been read as of yet by any of the respective city council members.

I have also asked the city to:

provide a spreadsheet that details ownership and handoff from one part of this process to the next.

Which parts of this process are owned by city staff, by city council, by SamTrans, by Legacy?  This is a reasonable request and I would think it could be accommodated very quickly by city staff since the document should already be created.  Could this document be sent out to this list by the end of next week say Friday February 12th?

Two questions I would like answered sooner than next Friday are:

Who owned the creation and review of the draft EIR before it was made available to the public?

Was there any review of the document by city personnel of any kind before its release?

We are hoping the city responds to this basic request in a timely fashion.  Other EIR’s have gone through several different commissions and review points but for some reason SCTV is slated to only be reviewed by the planning commission.

We would like a clear answer as to why this is the case given that this development has so many implications for our entire community.  We feel that the traffic commission, school board, city services like fire and police, parks and all other impacted areas have a chance to review the document and it’s findings.