In researching the widths needed for HSR and Caltrain I have found estimates ranging from 75 feet to over 120 feet to allow 4 tracks to operate.  If the city was actually paying attention to these issues one would imagine that they would be all over the  impact of SCTV on the possible options for HSR.  One would imagine that they would be interested in joining the Peninsula Cities HSR Consortium and leveraging the power of multiple communities trying to influence a more positive outcome for HSR along the entire peninsula.

I just don’t see that.  Check out these videos from the HSR consortium website:

There are interesting possibilities for HSR and it would be cool to see the peninsula get its act together, not be obstructionist, and come up with something that would work.  I especially would like to see the city of San Carlos start working with the other municipalities and try to come up with a unified vision for HSR along the peninsula.

Here is one possible configuration that could could be a possibility for San Carlos but what are the ramifications of the SCTV project to this?  What is going to happen to Old County Road?  Who is going to want to rent an apartment a few feet away from trains zooming by every couple of minutes?  Is there really room for 4 tracks and a platform for caltrain if this project gets built?  How noisy will these trains be?  How much more divided will our community become?

Where is this analysis in the SCTV EIR?  What is the city council going to do about this serious ommision?