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SCTV Meeting March 17th 8:30AM

SCTV Meeting March 17th 8:30AM

Dear GESC members and residents,

The San Carlos Chamber of Commerce is hosting a meeting about the San Carlos “Transit Village” Wednesday March 17th from 8:30AM to 9:30PM in the Community Meeting Room, 2nd Floor, San Carlos Library, 610 Elm Street, San Carlos.

It is extremely important that community members be present and voice their concerns and issues at this meeting. It is rare to have representatives from the JPB, SamTrans, and Legacy all in the same place so it is really important to voice our concerns regarding the lack of coordination with High Speed Rail and it’s omission in the draft EIR, as well as height, density, lack of communication and dialog with the community, the loss of Caltrain parking due to shared retail spaces, the need for greater seismic safety for the greater than 50′ apartment towers located directly adjacent to our neighborhood, the parking impacts in our neighborhood due to the moving of the Caltrain lot further away from the platform, the lack of environmental studies in the EIR, and the negative impacts to our schools and the cities finances.

I think as a community we should be voicing our concerns to David Bouchard at the chamber of commerce.

email address:

It would have been nice to have allowed the GESC to give a presentation at that meeting as well so that our concerns could be heard as well.

It is also very unfortunate that the meeting is being held at a time when most of us will be working, but if is at all possible to go into work late that day please try to make the meeting and bring up your issues.


For the March 17, 2010 meeting of the Pulse of Business, the Chamber of Commerce will host a presentation on the proposed San Carlos Transit Village development.  Titled “the Transit Village Demystified”, the presentation will feature representatives from the Peninsula Corridor Joint Powers Board (JPB) and SamTrans, Legacy Partners   and the City of San Carlos Community Development Department.

Representatives from the Joint Powers Board/SamTrans and Legacy Partners will bring drawings and plans that describe the proposed Transit Village development and they will talk about its proposed influence on San Carlos. A member of the City’s Community Development Department will talk about the City’s environmental impact report and the City’s review and outreach process for the proposed development.

The Chamber of Commerce invites interested Chamber members, businesses and residents to attend March’s Pulse of Business meeting to see the plans, hear the details and learn more about this upcoming proposed project in San Carlos.

For More Information
For further information about the Pulse of Business and this presentation, contact David Bouchard, CEO, San Carlos Chamber of Commerce at (650) 593-1068 or by email at





  1. From Margaret’s report on the meeting:

    Went to the Chamber meeting this am. Identified my self as representing Greater East San Carlos during introductions and spoke up when comments were welcomed.

    The presentation was the usual, vague and no reference to the residents of the East Side. No specific heights given.
    After I made my comments about Social Justice and what the height will do to the residents of the homes living close to the tracks, the speaker said that those houses didn’t face OCR. I corrected him. He then said that there would only about 90 homes, I corrected him and he ignored me.
    I then repeated that I was most discouraged with the total lack of mention of the homes that are close to the tracks and thus this development. He tried to say he had mentioned them, put one of his slides that showed Old County Road–a diagram–no pictures, no homes specified.I got the sense that the audience saw through him.

    I then said that I would only ask one more question and then we could move on. Told him about walking along OCR when the train came, and wondered how far above the train line the structures would go. He did not answer that. Someone else in the audience said that would be good info to have–give people a perspective.

    So–I didn’t say anything new that you folks haven’t already said, but said it one more time. As I went to leave about 4 people came up to thank me for talking.


  2. Big thanks to Margaret and Gina for showing up to the meeting!

    From Margaret’s report about the meeting it sure sounds like the JPB, Samtrans, and Legacy were being tone deaf to the community’s concerns yet again.

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