GESC Meeting @  Laureola Building: April 27, 2010, 6:45-9:15 PM

SCTV Parcel Vision Meeting

  • 6:45 PM Announcements by GESC Board and Scot Marsters
  • 7-7:45 PM, Presentation GESC Board Member Dimitri Vandellos presents the facts on the San Carlos Transit Village and what it currently means for you.
  • 7:45-8:45 PM Open Discussion: GESC Membership holds open discussion on Transit Village Parcel including  the development of a community vision and next steps involved in stopping the 54-foot Transit Village.
  • GESC Board Election: Elections ballots will be passed out during open discussion. Candidates who are running must declare themselves during the meeting.
  • 8:45-9:00 PM Neighborhood Watch discussion amid Burglary Spree in GESC Territory.

Transit Village Parcel Brainstorm
During the last few months, the GESC Board has met with San Carlos City Council Members and the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club regarding the San Carlos Transit Village. As many of you know, the Developers continue to refuse to make any concessions on the 54-foot high complex of eight buildings. They also refuse to offer our Community any benefits associated with the project. During our meetings, many people have asked us what is GESC’s Vision for the Parcel across from the GESC Community? We have also been asked what you want on the vacant land across the tracks? Therefore, we will be hosting a neighborhood brainstorm where GESC Community members can offer their opinions and react to the GESC Board’s vision for the parcel listed below:

Preferred Alternatives for the SCTV parcel:

First Vision

  • Green space and park running along the rail corridor that allows for a maximum amount of flexibility in HSR implementations.

Second Vision:

  • The SCTV Parcel is built with a combination of retail/office and green space uses.
  • Retail/Office spaces should provide major incentives for green businesses to help San Carlos become a leader in green technologies in the Bay Area.

Third Vision:

  • San Carlos Transit Village, 35 feet high maximum utilizing the best ideas from the Sierra Club architectural proposal .
  • Use green techniques such as a minimum percentage of recycled materials used in construction, rainwater recapture systems for landscaping uses, etc…
  • Increased percentage of affordable housing units with incentives for local school teachers and other community service people working in the county for housing.

All Visions should include:

  • Coordinated bike and pedestrian paths on both sides of the berm and new access tunnels punched through the berm.
  • Bike paths connecting to downtown San Carlos, other regional paths throughout San Carlos, and to the bay and hills.
  • A community garden and dog park.
  • A High Speed Rail solution is allowed to go where it will on railroad property and is not forced into GESC neighborhood.
  • Undergrounding of utilities and connectedness with OCR with better pedestrian solutions.

GESC strongly feels that:
In the future, City Hall and City Services could be moved to GESC area to encourage more TOD in the following locations:

  • Current City Hall
  • SamTrans building
  • Wheeler Plaza
  • Other facilities in town such as Elks Club and non-modernized structures can also be developed.