During Tuesday night’s GESC Brainstorm and Election Meeting, the entire slate of GESC Board Members were  re-elected to another 2-year term.  While GESC Board Members retain the right to step down at anytime, it is noteworthy that the entire slate of Board Members re-upped and that dues-paying members of the GESC Neighborhood Association voted the same group of Board Members into office.

The board will continue the work to maintain and improve life in the Greater East San Carlos Community and will continue to oppose encroachments that affect our way of life such as the current design of the San Carlos Transit Village.

The complete lack of planning and coordination in regards to SCTV’s and High Speed Rail was made even more evident at the recent HSR meeting in San Carlos last week. From the HSR meeting it was revealed that the HSR-Caltrain Planner, Robert Doty was only taking into consideration the engineering possibility of being able to run 4 tracks of HSR and Caltrain, while accommodating the transit village.  He acknowledged that the HSR above ground tracks might need to encroach on Old County Road from an engineering perspective, but that he hadn’t taken a close look.

He also acknowledged that he had not taken into consideration where he would put the temporary Caltrain tracks while HSR was being built, that Old County Road might be used for running the Caltrain temporary tracks, and that properties and businesses along Old County Road would likely be taken via eminent domain.

Within one hour of their re-election, the GESC Board and selected GESC dues-paying community members took their first official meeting with legal counsel regarding next steps on the San Carlos Transit Village. Expect further updates soon about next steps in the fight to maintain our way of life in Greater East San Carlos. To get involved in this struggle to save our community, please contact the GESC Board or one of its members.


The GESC Board (2010-2012)