MTC Awards $2.2 Million Grant to San Carlos for East Side Transit Connectivity Project

Project Will Enhance Transit Corridor Interface with Businesses & Residences

Brian Moura, Assistant City Manager    (650) 802-4210

Robert Weil, Public Works Director/City Engineer    (650) 802-4202

The City of San Carlos announced today that the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) has approved a $2.2 Million grant for the City’s East Side Community/Transit Connectivity Project.

The project is designed to improve pedestrian and bicycle access to housing, jobs and transit on the East Side of San Carlos.  Project funding will come from the MTC Grant ($2,216,648) and matching funds ($554,162) that come from State Proposition 1B funds and San Carlos Redevelopment Agency Capital Funds.

The East Side Community/Transit Connectivity Project was developed by the City’s Public Works and Community Development departments under the direction of Public Works Director Robert Weil and Community Development Director Al Savay along with input from key City Staff and design assistance from Callander Associates Landscape Architects.

The project focuses on the need for significant improvements on Old County Road and East San Carlos Avenue – two key streets that are near the San Carlos CalTrain station.  Project improvements will make this area more livable and safe for East San Carlos residents and businesses.

Although this neighborhood is immediately adjacent to the Caltrain/SamTrans transit center at the historic San Carlos Train Depot, walking in the area can be a challenge because of the lack of continuous sidewalks.  Where sidewalks area available, they are narrow and are blocked by utility poles.  Many corners lack curb ramps, there are no trees and lighting is poor.

This project will address deficiencies on Old County Road from Brittan Avenue to the Belmont city limits (1.09 miles) and on East San Carlos Avenue between Old County Road and Industrial Road (0.27 miles).  Key goals of the project include

  • Completing a continuous sidewalk on both streets
  • Adding pedestrian bulb-outs to shorten crossing distances and slow traffic
  • Completing wheelchair ramps at all corners
  • Widening the sidewalks to 7 feet where possible
  • Installing decorative pavement at crosswalks
  • Planting new street trees
  • Installing decorative, high-efficiency street lights
  • Installing planting areas to treat stormwater
  • Placing utilities underground on a portion of Old County Road
  • Completing a bicycle boulevard on East San Carlos Ave, which would include a new traffic signal at Industrial Road and new bicycle signage

The project received support from a number of agencies and interested stakeholders including:

  • San Mateo City/County Association of Governments (C/CAG)
  • San Carlos Chamber of Commerce
  • Greater East San Carlos Association (GESC)
  • Legacy Partners
  • Palo Alto Medical Foundation (PAMF)
  • Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition
  • State Senator Joe Simitian
  • SamTrans
  • Resolution from the San Carlos City Council

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