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Peninsula HSR Plans Unveiled

Peninsula HSR Plans Unveiled

The plans for track alignments along the Peninsula were unveiled recently, please see the article below from the San Mateo County Times/San Jose Mercury News:

Peninsula HSR Plans Unveiled


  1. Hi Clem,

    Thanks for the info. I haven’t had a chance to dig into the reports yet, but have been planning a post specifically as it relates to the section in San Carlos when I get a chance to look at the documents.

    I’m glad that at least the overhead is a viaduct design rather than a concrete berm which the Mercury News graphic implied. If the viaduct design is going to be 20 feet higher than the current berm, I am concerned about a 32 foot overall height. Does that height include the electrification lines or will those lines go even higher?

    What is your opinion on a trench vs the viaduct design?

    San Carlos certainly has the room for a trench design along the right of way property and that would align with the city of Belmont’s interests. Redwood City seems to want to go underground too.

  2. I’m surprised that the Supplementary Alternatives Analysis Report ( isn’t generating more discussion in San Carlos.

    If you look at the plans closely, our berm is going to be removed and replaced with a viaduct (unlike what is shown in the SJ Mercury News graphic). The viaduct will be 20 feet higher than the existing grade separations. Also, the station platforms may be relocated south towards Arroyo, presumably to make room for the transit village.

    See profile on page 12:

    In project lingo, we are located in section 4B(2).

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