Below is a short documentary video produced by journalist Paul Jones for the Peninsula Press.

Jeffrey Byrd of Legacy states that Legacy took feedback from the community and created 2,3, and 4 story sections in the buildings.

What Mr. Byrd fails to state is that the changes in height are all on the West side of the development! The east side will have 8 Buildings with monolithic 54 foot high walls with sound bouncing into our neighborhood. The changes that were asked for were on the east side of the development not on the west side. Even more insulting is the fact that a qualified architect presented alternatives that would address many of the concerns of the GESC. Mr. Byrd’s response was that the feedback received was “not realistic”. Those were VERY disingenuous statements on Mr. Byrd’s part.

But we have come to expect this type of behavior from Legacy. If Legacy was so concerned about young families having affordable rentals why don’t they make a higher percentage of units actually affordable? When they presented to the neighborhood the apartments were described as “luxury” units. That doesn’t sound like affordable rentals for young people.

Jeff Maltbie who was not part of the city staff until recently seems to have taken the side of the developers and Samtrans without listening to or reaching out to the residents or the GESC in any way shape or form. In fact his statements are in direct opposition to what Brian Fitzpatrick states in the video; poorly played Mr. Maltbie. We would like to invite you to our next community meeting where you can clear the record and start working with the residents of the community whom you are supposed to serve.

Al Savay seems to think that putting out a shoddy and boilerplate EIR report that has tons of erroneous information, data, and conclusions is normal operating procedure. I think Mr. Savay needs to listen to residents, proofread documents, and get consultants to do their job properly before publicly submitting a shoddy EIR.

All in all the article and accompanying video paint a picture of an unresponsive city, public agency (SamTrans), and developer who are in it for the money no matter how bad the impacts are to east side residents and how massively this project will change the face of our entire community. This development will change San Carlos both east and west sides in a very significant fashion. It is the boondoggle and eyesore that is 1001 Laurel Street multiplied eight times.

Do we want this city transformed into a San Mateo with poor and out of place development or do we want to model ourselves more like Palo Alto where the community is involved and makes sure that developments are done right? All residents of San Carlos need to think about this issue and provide feedback when the time is due.

Here is a link to the news article in the Peninsula Press

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