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East Side Connectivity Project

East Side Connectivity Project


There have been two meetings regarding the East Side connectivity project. Callander and Associates and BKF Engineers have submitted a statement of qualification and a scope of services document that I’m posting below to share with the community.

I have been fortunate to be on the committee that is evaluating the project and my first set of concerns is to extend the under-grounding of the utilities to at least include the entire residential neighborhood both north and south of Holly street. I have also brought up our concerns regarding the PG&E pipeline as well as making sure that all parties that need to update any lines or do any work underground do so during this project so that we do not get the road opened up right after it gets paved as had happened on Industrial road. Please check these documents out and feel free to post your concerns or thoughts.


Callander Statement of Qualifications

Callander Scope Of Services

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  1. Dimitri, thanks for the update. I too was a little surprised that the undergrounding seems to stop before covering the rest of GESC Territory. At the time I learned of this, I was told this was the case because of lack of funds, and that the idea was to start with these areas and then underground other areas later. But still, it would be great if we could find extra sources of funding, e.g. Rule 20A funding so that we could do the entire job at once.

    Another key question is the issue of how people will be transported from NorthEast San Carlos across Holly Street. Mayor Ahmad mentioned to me that it would be helpful if we could come up with some ideas on this issue to present to the City; e.g. tunnel, overpass, etc. The obvious fact is that it’s extremely dangerous to cross Holly Street at this point, and therefore, access to Laureola Park is severely restricted for half of our neighborhood.

    At one point, Randy Royce wrote us while he was mayor and said the City wanted to remain open to the possibility of acquiring land on the Eastside (e.g. The Lumberyard in NorthEast San Carlos) to enable the creation of additional park space. Or, I’ve also heard from Council Members about the idea of acquiring additional land to amalgamate onto Laureola Park. This would be a great time for this type of thing to happen, as land prices have taken a hit.

    I guess I’m just used to no news, or bad news in the neighborhood. But let’s hope this project ends up being good news for us.

    One clear win from this project is that it will be much harder for anyone to eminent domain Old County Road once it’s been re-built. The Transit Village project’s total lack of planning combined with High Speed Rail greatly threatened the creation of a staging ground on Old County Road that could have shut down our neighborhood for years, forced the opening of our cul-de-sacs in NorthEast San Carlos, and prioritized the Transit Village over our established neighborhood.

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