As a board we have been steering clear of taking a position on the negotiations regarding fire services.

However we have recently learned of a proposal from a private sector company for fire services that only include Hazmat services as an option and  do not include as indicated in their report:


  • Facilities Maintenance and Lease Cost
  • Communication Radios and Services
  • Breathing Air Compressor System and usage
  • Transfer of Staff Vehicles and apparatus

This company has a checkered history in providing private services to government agencies and a quick google search turned up these articles:

Is our City council and staff seriously considering this company to provide services for our community?  Something is really wrong here.  Is this the kind of private company San Carlos wants for fire and emergency services?

I hope the city has an ace legal staff to go up against this giant corporation if there are any issues in the providing of services or any oversight in the contract that would force the city to renegotiate.

We urge the city to look at all other alternatives rather than engage in a contract with Wackenhut.

Additionally, here is a PDF report on the effects of contracting services in LA County.

SEIU Report on LA County contracting of public services