On Monday the City Council will pick an interim City Council Member to fill the remainder of a now vacant seat and set the stage for a candidate in the Fall election. Meanwhile, there are plans for projects that will have permanent impact on our community:

Interim City Council Interviews and Deliberations Info


  • Develop the Palo Alto Medical Foundation clinic on Industrial Road
  • Identify and remove hazardous waste from our groundwater
  • Underground utilities on Old County Road while checking the integrity and hopefully replacing an old PG&E gas main
  • Redesign the 101 interchange at Holly Street
  • Improve pedestrian and bike access between East San Carlos and downtown
  • Add an 8 building apartment complex on El Camino on the railroad right of way property removing options for High Speed Rail and creating a huge problem regarding staging areas for Caltrain and HSR upgrades

These projects will impact us all long after disagreements over pay and personality have been forgotten. When decisions are made considering only the bottom line the public suffers. When narrow business or public employee interests rule the agenda with hubris and a sense of entitlement, the public is left to question the sincerity of our public officials. Now is the time for the Council Members to recognize the importance of representation from the public that use and depend on the services the City provides. They have an opportunity to demonstrate a vision and a sincere desire to put public interest above preserving political power now and in the coming election.