There will be a community workshop regarding Old County Road improvements and the East Side Connectivity project at Laureola Park July 30th from 10AM to 2PM.  It will be a drop in meeting to gather your feedback on how to design the project.  Please download the pdf flyers below for more specifics.  There will be a separate Business owners meeting Tuesday July 26th at 9AM at the Kelly Moore Paint location as well.


Download the Community Workshop Meeting Details

Download the Business Workshop Meeting Details


I’ve been on the steering committee regarding the planned Old County Road improvements.

I just walked the site last night with the project manager and we talked at length about the issues and challenges for the project; how to make Holly street intersection more pedestrian friendly, expanding sidewalks, getting trees planted especially on the east side of Old County road (imagine how much that would improve the vibe and entrance to our residential neighborhood!), improving the area by the train depot by moving the crossing lights to a better location, or having more than one place to cross the street by the station, access to Laureola Park, etc…

There are a lot of possibilities so please take the time to go to the workshop and provide your thoughts. Just as important is walk around Old County towards the train station and think about what works and what doesn’t to get some ideas before the workshop. If you train commute your input would be valuable to get that additional perspective.

This is the best opportunity to improve our neighborhood that we have ever had so let’s make it right!