Dear Neighbors,

We need your help so we can help each other.  This years’ election on Tuesday, November 8th is unique in that 2 contested City Council Member seats are to be decided between 3 candidates. There are many issues that will directly affect you that those elected will shape and decide.

While, the GESC Board does not recommend any candidate, we strongly recommend voting, as our overall voting turnout will determine our influence on future events.  If we can get a large voter turnout in our voting precinct we will be noticed. 

Inform yourself.  Ask your neighbors who listened to the candidates for City Council speak at the last GESC meeting their opinion.  The important thing is for you to mark your ballot and turn it in. 

This will send a strong message that vague promises to consider our needs and rights must be backed up by results.   If the City Council and the City Staff see a high voter turnout, they will be more likely to respect us when deciding key issues including:

  • The San Carlos Transit Village
  • High Speed Rail
  • In-N-Out Sign and Tree Planting Program
  • Zoning Changes for Greater East San Carlos and your home.
  • PAMF Clinic
  • Old County Road Improvements
  • School Site Discussion
  • High Risk Gas Pipeline Maintenance
  • Government Transparency
  • Hazardous Waste (PCBs and Mercury) Cleanup
  • Greenbelt Program
  • Eastside Connect


GESC Board