Months after the pre-mature announcement, the closure report verifying the cleanup at the future PAMF clinic site is finally available to the public for review.

21,000 cubic yards of tainted soil were removed.  The toxins contained in these soils no longer pose a risk to our neighborhood or the Bay.

While some hot spots remain, notably heavy metals; cadmium, chromium, cobalt and nickel and of spilled fuel, on average the remaining toxic waste is below acceptable levels as required by the EPA.

Attached is a copy of the PAMF Health Risk Assessment.  This is good news for our neighborhood and the watershed we are part of.

This cleanup is an example of how development, when done right, can improve the safety of the community while at the same time increasing land value for the property owner and the City.

Other impacts of the project on the neighborhood remain to be seen; but with the completion of this clean up Palo Alto Medical has proven itself to be a good neighbor.  We look forward to working with PAMF to make this project a win win for all concerned.