Greater East San Carlos (GESC) Neighborhood Meeting

Laureola Community Center, Laureola Park

Wednesday May 22, 2013 at 7PM

Dear Community,

After 5 years, Legacy Partners will present an alternative to the original Transit Village plan to the GESC Community.  The developer has already privately shared these plans with Planning Commissioners and City Council members but has not shown them to the GESC Board.  We will all be viewing the revised plans for the very first time as a community.

It is critical that you make all efforts to attend and make your voice heard on this transformational project that will create a brand new neighborhood of rental units and commercial buildings that will be over 50% of our neighborhood density tightly packed into 50 plus foot buildings in a fraction of the space of our neighborhood.  We are inviting the city council to attend the meeting so that they can hear our reactions and concerns.

Below is the agenda and the GESC Board’s suggested mitigations to reduce the impacts to our neighborhood.  After the presentation we will have a private community meeting to discuss our thoughts on their proposal.



7:00 p.m.-8:15 Transit Village Revised Project Plans

  • Transit Village Project (revised) Presentation – Legacy/SamTrans
  • Community Feedback


8:15–9:30 Community Meeting

  • Updates on:
    • Transit Village Mediation
    • East Side Connect Project
    • PG&E Gas Line under Old County Road
    • Update on Trash Maintenance of Train Station, Old County Road and Laureola Shopping Center

GESC Neighborhood Mitigations for SCTV Project

  • Lower Height & Density
    • Set an upper baseline regarding the number of units allowed (200 to 240)
    • A three story upper limit on the residential buildings and a two story limit on commercial/office space buildings should be made a condition of project approval
    • We do not want the council to approve the full massing and density option as we feel it would create eight 1001 Laurel Street buildings right next to each other destroying this community’s character and feel
    • Not taking the community’s character and feel was a significant oversight in the EIR review process
  • Landscaping
    • Since we will lose our views we would like to significantly increase landscaping to screen the project from east side residents both north and south of Holly
    • Landscaping maintenance audit for all agencies and the developer to provide clear ownership for the health of all landscaping in and around the project
  • Traffic, Shuttles, and Parking
    • All Shuttles moved to the west side Multi Modal Station
    • Free CalTrain parking for commuters (potentially making it Redwood Shotes, San Carlos – specific)
    • Free parking sticker program and enforcement for GESC neighborhood for the 99 year lease term
    • Traffic Abatement for Holly Street
      • No Trucks allowed on Holly Street between Old County Road and Industrial
        • Truck routes to West side:
          • Industrial to Brittan
          • Industrial to Harbor
        • Truck routes to East Side (Old County Road)
          • Industrial to Taylor
          • Industrial to Commercial or Bransten
    • Holly Street Freeway Interchange Improvements
  • Improve all pedestrian crossings adjacent to the proposed development
    • This would include El Camino and Holly street pedestrian crossing improvements as well as all crossings between the Project, the CalTrain parking lot, the Multi Modal transit center, El Camino and Old County
    • Signalize all appropriate crossings
    • Signalize East San Carlos and Industrial (as part of the East Side Connect Project) to encourage bicycle and pedestrian use.
  • GESC Single Family Residential Zoning Guarantee 
  • Green Belt surrounding GESC
    • Laureola Park Improvements
      • All Park Fees to Laureola
      • Laureola Park expansion to Old County Road
      • Potential Community Pool, Community Garden plots, etc…
  • Old County Road Protections
    • Preserve and protect Old County Road, pre and post-construction for the SCTV, Caltrain Electrification, and High Speed Rail projects
    • Create a meaningful and actionable MOU between San Carlos, CalTrain, JPB, SamTrans, Legacy, HST Authority, and the GESC Board
  • Zip car stations 
    • (or other short term car use solutions) in the Residential units and Caltrain lot to reduce car ownership and encourage train ridership
    • We feel this could be a model for the entire peninsula to encourage greater train transit ridership and provide more flexible east/west transportation alternatives for train commuters
  • Approval of all Planning Commission EIR Mitigations