San Carlos is declaring a mitigated negative declaration for the Office Towers being planned at Bransten and Industrial even though the proposed site contains a toxic chemical pit.  What this means is that the city will not do due diligence to assess the impacts of this project to our neighborhood and to the city of San Carlos as a whole. The Project does NOT conform to the San Carlos general plan and the developers are asking for a variance to the plan making it twice the allowable height.  This project will build more office space in San Carlos than has been built in Redwood City (in recent years) in this single complex alone.  Do we want San Carlos to become Redwood City junior?

Additionally the proposed project will bring at least an additional 1,500 cars into our neighborhood.As a neighborhood we need to demand that due diligence in the form of an EIR is prepared for this site in order to make sure the proper clean-up is done.  The city thinks that an additional; 1,500 cars in our neighborhood will not create any impacts.  This is simply ludicrous.  It is imperative that you email with “Meridian 25 Office Project” in the subject to give them your thoughts.

Here is the developers web site:

Here is what the city delivered to the GESC Board yesterday:
Meridian 25 ISMND
Meridian MND_Attachment A
Meridian MND_Attachment B
Meridian MND_Attachment C


Does anyone in their right mind believe that there will be no traffic and environmental impacts due to this project?

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