Dear Community,

The proposed Office complex and it’s traffic impacts are going to be discussed at this Tuesday’s Traffic and Circulation Committee meeting on May 17th 7PM at City Hall Council Chambers, San Carlos, CA


The GESC Board has taken a look at the report and noticed that the report does not consider any impacts of (at least) 1,500 additional cars driving through our neighborhood streets, along with train commuters walking and cycling through our neighborhood streets.

There are no planned mitigations to reduce the impacts of these commuters in our neighborhood.

Unless we show up at the Traffic and Circulation meeting this Tuesday and bring up our issues and concerns, our streets will have more cars cutting through our neighborhood (especially Hall, Cherry, Montgomery, McCue and Holly) impacting our quality of life and the safety of our kids.

We are enclosing the report for your convenience, but the most important thing is to show up at the meeting and voice your concerns about the traffic impacts of this project.

We feel the city needs to provide traffic mitigations in the form of cul-de-sacs, speed bumps, and bulb outs for street trees in order to reduce the impact of workers at Meridian and people staying at the Hotel walking through our neighborhoods to go downtown.  Please let the committee know your concerns and this coming Tuesday evening.

Traffic and Circulation Packet

Thank You,

The GESC BoardMeridian 2