Neighborhood Meeting

Tuesday October 18th at 7PM
In Laureola Park at the Laureola Building

AGENDA: Airport Noise, Traffic, Board Elections, Association Name, Neighborhood Development, Future of Laureola Park

San Carlos Airport Noise

Noise complaint web form:
Noise complaint hotline: 844-266-6266

  • Our neighborhood is experiencing a large number of helicopter and plane flights buzzing over our heads coming from San Carlos Airport
  • Surrounding communities are getting a lot of noise from Surf air a COMMERCIAL carrier operating out of a general aviation airport
  • General Aviation airports should not have scheduled commercial airline flights!

Surf Air started operations sometime in 2013 and is causing all sorts of problems for local residential communities. They are a small commercial carrier operating at the airport at all hours of the day and night. This is a new situation and lots of people all over the peninsula are getting upset about it.  Please come out and voice your concerns.

GESC Board Elections

We are looking for candidates for the board who can work in a collaborative fashion and drive towards consensus on neighborhood issues.  Please consider becoming a candidate for the neighborhood board!  We will hold elections to nominate Board Members to represent the community.

We will also vote on if we should keep the GESC Association name or switch back to the Laureola Association.

Make sure you also vote in the upcoming November elections!  The city watches very closely which neighborhoods turn out to vote.  If we have a high percentage of voters particularly in city council elections, council members will start to pay attention to our issues and concerns.

East Side Development

Transit Village

Wheeler Plaza


Windy Hill/Meridian 25 Office Complex

Honda Dealership

Hilton Hotel

Amazon Delivery Service next to Orchard Supply
Need an update from the city on this

East Side Economic Development Plans

City Contact Person for Construction issues
Dolores Montenegro
Phone: 650-554-9286


Are conditions improving or getting worse?  Cars block the intersections and Pedestrians routinely jaywalk crossing at Old County by the Train Station because it takes so long for the light to change.

Are you being affected by construction on Industrial?

Development in San Carlos

The city has big plans to develop all around and in the neighborhood. Check out the links on the above.  Are they reaching out to the community to get feedback?

High School

As far as we know the School District is still planning a High School at Laureola Park.  

Future of Laureola Park & High School:

Mercury News High School Article

Sequoia HS District Web Site:

Sequoia HS District Contact Info:
(650) 306-1788
Lianides, James Ex.22213

Chief Facilities Officer
Zito, Matthew Ex. 22357