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San Carlos Airport Noise – Meeting on September 14th

  The San Carlos Airport is getting a lot of attention lately for a number of reasons.   Our neighborhood is experiencing a large number of helicopter flights buzzing over our heads Surrounding communities are getting a lot of noise from Surf air a COMMERCIAL carrier operating out of a general aviation airport. General Aviation airports, to our knowledge, should not have scheduled commercial airline flights! General Aviation Airports allow the use of leaded gas. Surf Air started operations sometime in 2013 and is causing all sorts of problems for local residential communities. They are a small commercial carrier operating at the...

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Important: Planning Commission Meeting 7PM Tuesday, May 31st at City Hall

Dear Neighbors, The planning commission is having a hearing on a new Office Complex that consists of two buildings over 100 feet high*, twice the height that the current zoning allows with a total of 528,520 square feet of office space and over 1,500 parking spaces at the corner of Bransten and Industrial. The basis of this determination is because instead of counting the actual traffic that the current tenants have, they are claiming a theoretical shopping center,  a theoretical Health Center, a theoretical General Office Building and theoretical light industrial use generate 2,389 trips per day currently, based on...

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Traffic and Circulation Committee Meeting Tuesday May 17th 7PM at City Hall

Dear Community, The proposed Office complex and it’s traffic impacts are going to be discussed at this Tuesday’s Traffic and Circulation Committee meeting on May 17th 7PM at City Hall Council Chambers, San Carlos, CA   The GESC Board has taken a look at the report and noticed that the report does not consider any impacts of (at least) 1,500 additional cars driving through our neighborhood streets, along with train commuters walking and cycling through our neighborhood streets. There are no planned mitigations to reduce the impacts of these commuters in our neighborhood. Unless we show up at the Traffic and Circulation meeting this Tuesday and bring up our issues and concerns, our streets will have more cars cutting through our neighborhood (especially Hall, Cherry, Montgomery, McCue and Holly) impacting our quality of life and the safety of our kids. We are enclosing the report for your convenience, but the most important thing is to show up at the meeting and voice your concerns about the traffic impacts of this project. We feel the city needs to provide traffic mitigations in the form of cul-de-sacs, speed bumps, and bulb outs for street trees in order to reduce the impact of workers at Meridian and people staying at the Hotel walking through our neighborhoods to go downtown.  Please let the committee know your concerns and this coming Tuesday evening. Traffic and Circulation Packet Thank You,...

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San Carlos declares the proposed 100 foot high Office Complex Building on Bransten and Industrial does not need an Environmental Impact Report!

San Carlos is declaring a mitigated negative declaration for the Office Towers being planned at Bransten and Industrial even though the proposed site contains a toxic chemical pit.  What this means is that the city will not do due diligence to assess the impacts of this project to our neighborhood and to the city of San Carlos as a whole. The Project does NOT conform to the San Carlos general plan and the developers are asking for a variance to the plan making it twice the allowable height.  This project will build more office space in San Carlos than has been built in Redwood City (in recent years) in this single complex alone.  Do we want San Carlos to become Redwood City junior? Additionally the proposed project will bring at least an additional 1,500 cars into our neighborhood.As a neighborhood we need to demand that due diligence in the form of an EIR is prepared for this site in order to make sure the proper clean-up is done.  The city thinks that an additional; 1,500 cars in our neighborhood will not create any impacts.  This is simply ludicrous.  It is imperative that you email with “Meridian 25 Office Project” in the subject to give them your thoughts. Here is the developers web site: Here is what the city delivered to the GESC Board yesterday: Meridian 25 ISMND Meridian MND_Attachment...

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Parking Permit Review Meeting – 7PM Laureola Building

The City of San Carlos would like feedback on the parking permit program. Here is the Flyer: Parking Permit Flyer They are planning a meeting at the Laureola Park building at 7PM Thursday May 19th.  Please attend and let them know your thoughts on the program. Thanks! GESC...

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  • The End of CBOSS
    The rosy view, from 2011Caltrain's troubled positive train control solution, known as CBOSS, has now been completely abandoned, to be replaced by the de-facto standard freight PTC technology known as I-ETMS. That's mostly good news, since Caltrain will no longer be stranded with a globally unique PTC system. I-ETMS is being deployed by numerous other […]
  • CalMod 2.0: Three Things to Watch
    UPDATE, from Caltrain TIRCP funding applicationCalMod 2.0 is now formally known as EEP or Electrification Expansion Program100% state-funded through cap and trade program (TIRCP)Consists almost entirely of option buys of 96 EMU cars for $600M17 x 8-car EMU fleet planned for start of electric service (if $$ awarded)No 4-car EMUs (this is super important for future […]
  • CBOSS Dumpster Fire Update
    The CBOSS development lifecycle,as anticipated in 2009 on this blog.Today we are at "point of no return."The deadly crash of an Amtrak train near Tacoma, Washington, which would likely have been prevented if a PTC (Positive Train Control) system had been in place, has renewed the discussion of the status of PTC systems in the […]
  • Thoughts on Palo Alto
    There is a vigorous discussion of grade separations now underway in Palo Alto. It misses several important points:1) Grade Separation is not one project. Trying to come up with a single, grand unifying grade separation scheme for the entire rail corridor through Palo Alto is to over-constrain the problem and to limit the range of feasible […]
  • Freeway Lanes of Caltrain
    If everyone drove instead of taking Caltrain, how many more lanes would peninsula freeways need to absorb the additional traffic?The way to answer this question is to count how many train passengers ride past any given location, in each direction, within the span of one hour. Caltrain publishes all the information you need to do […]

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  • Serving the country from the skies
    Though Rich King’s memories of his days as a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War are close to 50 years old, he’s still able to recall the full-body coordination required to operate the hovering aircraft.
  • Pot delivery rules under city review
    In the latest step in Redwood City’s phased approach to commercial cannabis regulations, the Planning Commission will consider Tuesday the legalization of cannabis delivery operations as well as nurseries that grow and sell starter plants.
  • Central Park master plan up for adoption
    After years of planning and community engagement, San Mateo residents will be able to chart improvements and new amenities planned for Central Park as an updated master plan for the city’s first public park nears adoption.
  • Mayor looks to Half Moon Bay’s future
  • Man found dead in Half Moon Bay identified
    A 67-year-old Hayward man found dead outside the Half Moon Bay substation Wednesday afternoon was identified as Frederick Carl Bittikofer by the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office.