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5/27/08 GESC Meeting

SC Transit Village New Design as proposed on May 27, 2008, 7:30 PM at GESC/Laureola Building: 1. The development remains at 4 stories but was slightly lowered from 49 to 47 feet when the pitch of the roof was changed. Unit totals also remained the same around 260 units. 2. Building gaps (or what they call “view corridors”) will exist at the end of Springfield, Sylvan and to a lesser degree Inverness and Riverton. This is a change from before. 3. Some discussion of tree planting on the berm as screens occurred and the developers seemed open to planting trees on the berm, but there is no fixed agreement. Also, there are some uncertainties regarding whether the berm in its current form could hold trees that offer shade without affecting the railroad tracks structural viability. We are well aware of the nearly unanimous negative reaction from all of you that we have heard regarding this project. We also do not feel these changes meet our needs. Therefore, we wanted to let you know that the Board will develop an action plan and present it to the GESC Community in the coming weeks for your...

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3/21/08 GESC Meeting

Nearly fifty GESC residents showed up to voice their concerns at the Laureola meeting on 3/21/08. The following is a list of their concerns along with over 100 other NorthEast San Carlos resident’s concerns who personally spoke with us during our neighborhood canvass a week prior to the meeting: 1) Building Size and Height – Proposed 50+ foot, 4 story residential apartments. Total of 3 buildings north of Holly St. Approx. 300 ft. long, 50+ feet high with less than 60 feet of broken space in between. 2) Slapback noise from CalTrain and freight trains will significantly increase noise level to our neighborhood. 3) Literal loss of hours of PM sunlight to many homes close to Old County Rd. due to building heigth and length. 4) County and city revenues/expenditures from proposed development. Primarily construction, zoning and taxable property of leased land apartments verses private owned land, condos and or townhouses. 5) Parking and Traffic: This project has a large scope that includes 281 units with potentially 1000+ people added to our neighborhood. Only 1.6 spaces per unit have been allocated. Parking and traffic could be a literal nightmare in Northeast San Carlos. And we can’t even guarantee that one resident will take the train! 6) Significant loss of property value to homeowners in our neighborhood due to the above mentioned concerns. 4-story residential buildings over parking garages, including...

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  • CalMod 2.0: Three Things to Watch
    UPDATE, from Caltrain TIRCP funding applicationCalMod 2.0 is now formally known as EEP or Electrification Expansion Program100% state-funded through cap and trade program (TIRCP)Consists almost entirely of option buys of 96 EMU cars for $600M17 x 8-car EMU fleet planned for start of electric service (if $$ awarded)No 4-car EMUs (this is super important for future […]
  • CBOSS Dumpster Fire Update
    The CBOSS development lifecycle,as anticipated in 2009 on this blog.Today we are at "point of no return."The deadly crash of an Amtrak train near Tacoma, Washington, which would likely have been prevented if a PTC (Positive Train Control) system had been in place, has renewed the discussion of the status of PTC systems in the […]
  • Thoughts on Palo Alto
    There is a vigorous discussion of grade separations now underway in Palo Alto. It misses several important points:1) Grade Separation is not one project. Trying to come up with a single, grand unifying grade separation scheme for the entire rail corridor through Palo Alto is to over-constrain the problem and to limit the range of feasible […]
  • Freeway Lanes of Caltrain
    If everyone drove instead of taking Caltrain, how many more lanes would peninsula freeways need to absorb the additional traffic?The way to answer this question is to count how many train passengers ride past any given location, in each direction, within the span of one hour. Caltrain publishes all the information you need to do […]
  • The Overtake That Won't Be
    In its renewed environmental review process for the San Francisco to San Jose project, the high-speed rail authority is considering the alternatives for the peninsula rail corridor. The outlines of the new draft EIR are emerging, and this is where politics meets engineering.Interested stakeholders keep asking about how the blended system will actually work, with […]

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  • Operation Eagle Visit
    Surrounded by to-do lists, fliers and maps adorning her office walls for the past few weeks, at first glance it might look like San Mateo City Clerk Patrice Olds is coordinating a military operation from City Hall.
  • SamTrans ridership dropping
    With SamTrans ridership down, the transit agency is hoping a variety of service improvements in the works will attract more riders and reverse the trend.
  • Black history on display
    Occupying 16,000 square feet of space this year, Carolyn Hoskins’ black history pop-up museum has reopened at 1525 Broadway in Redwood City in celebration of Black History Month.
  • Lawmaker wants to right red-light violation wrongs
  • San Carlos OKs neighborhood traffic plan
    In response to rising concern about traffic in San Carlos neighborhoods, city officials unanimously approved Monday a process for fielding requests for traffic mitigation measures.