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San Carlos declares the proposed 100 foot high Office Complex Building on Bransten and Industrial does not need an Environmental Impact Report!

San Carlos is declaring a mitigated negative declaration for the Office Towers being planned at Bransten and Industrial even though the proposed site contains a toxic chemical pit.  What this means is that the city will not do due diligence to assess the impacts of this project to our neighborhood and to the city of San Carlos as a whole. The Project does NOT conform to the San Carlos general plan and the developers are asking for a variance to the plan making it twice the allowable height.  This project will build more office space in San Carlos than has been built in Redwood City (in recent years) in this single complex alone.  Do we want San Carlos to become Redwood City junior? Additionally the proposed project will bring at least an additional 1,500 cars into our neighborhood.As a neighborhood we need to demand that due diligence in the form of an EIR is prepared for this site in order to make sure the proper clean-up is done.  The city thinks that an additional; 1,500 cars in our neighborhood will not create any impacts.  This is simply ludicrous.  It is imperative that you email with “Meridian 25 Office Project” in the subject to give them your thoughts. Here is the developers web site: Here is what the city delivered to the GESC Board yesterday: Meridian 25 ISMND Meridian MND_Attachment...

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Parking Permit Review Meeting – 7PM Laureola Building

The City of San Carlos would like feedback on the parking permit program. Here is the Flyer: Parking Permit Flyer They are planning a meeting at the Laureola Park building at 7PM Thursday May 19th.  Please attend and let them know your thoughts on the program. Thanks! GESC...

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SamTrans & Legacy Partners shirk their civic responsibility and ask the city to waive the affordable housing requirements

Legacy Partners asks city to waive low-cost housing rules SamTrans and Legacy are at it again. A public agency (SamTrans) wants to lease public land along the railroad right of way property to a private developer to build the largest housing project that San Carlos has ever seen. Legacy Partners (the private developer) are asking the city to drop or reduce affordable housing requirements for the project. Once again this is public land that a public agency is providing to a private developer and that developer has hired a lawyer that is preparing or at least threatening to sue the city so that they do not have to meet the city’s affordable housing requirement. To quote Stephen Colbert: “Shamelessness is a wonderful part of the character.” Clearly SamTrans and Legacy have no character or conscience. I didn’t think there was a way to further alienate San Carlans to oppose this project but SamTrans and Legacy have managed to do so yet again. Well played SamTrans & Legacy...

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Caltrain Announcements blasting the Neighborhood

I hate to say it but, Caltrain and Samtrans are poor neighbors and consistently ignore our concerns. Luckily, Caroline Tudor, a concerned neighbor has been on their case regarding the ridiculously loud announcements for each train arrival and departure. She contacted KPIX and we had a story on the KPIX 6PM news this evening. Here it is below: It’s great to have neighbors stepping up and making sure issues that affect our neighborhood get acted upon, even if it takes a newscast to make Caltrain and SamTrans respond. Shame on Caltrain and Samtrans for ignoring direct communication and congrats to Caroline for getting this issue...

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  • Fleet of the Future
    Not bad in blue, huh? This parody of the fragmented state of Bay Area transit is based on an image by Stadler Rail. There should be plenty in this image to offend almost everyone!
  • The End of CBOSS
    The rosy view, from 2011Caltrain's troubled positive train control solution, known as CBOSS, has now been completely abandoned, to be replaced by the de-facto standard freight PTC technology known as I-ETMS. That's mostly good news, since Caltrain will no longer be stranded with a globally unique PTC system. I-ETMS is being deployed by numerous other […]
  • CalMod 2.0: Three Things to Watch
    UPDATE, from Caltrain TIRCP funding applicationCalMod 2.0 is now formally known as EEP or Electrification Expansion Program100% state-funded through cap and trade program (TIRCP)Consists almost entirely of option buys of 96 EMU cars for $600M17 x 8-car EMU fleet planned for start of electric service (if $$ awarded)No 4-car EMUs (this is super important for future […]
  • CBOSS Dumpster Fire Update
    The CBOSS development lifecycle,as anticipated in 2009 on this blog.Today we are at "point of no return."The deadly crash of an Amtrak train near Tacoma, Washington, which would likely have been prevented if a PTC (Positive Train Control) system had been in place, has renewed the discussion of the status of PTC systems in the […]
  • Thoughts on Palo Alto
    There is a vigorous discussion of grade separations now underway in Palo Alto. It misses several important points:1) Grade Separation is not one project. Trying to come up with a single, grand unifying grade separation scheme for the entire rail corridor through Palo Alto is to over-constrain the problem and to limit the range of feasible […]

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  • Police reports: Wednesday • June 20, 2018
  • How does beach bacteria get so high?
    Though warm weekends and extended daylight might be drawing San Mateo County beach-goers toward the Peninsula’s extensive waterfront, health officials across the county are advising residents read up on local water quality conditions before they dive into summer beach plans.
  • Project 90, Caminar to join forces
    A merger between two longtime San Mateo nonprofits with decades of experience providing behavioral health services and substance use treatment is set to bolster the resources available to those managing mental health conditions.
  • Burlingame weighs community center redesigns
    With a key decision in an effort to rebuild the Burlingame Community Center looming, officials and residents seem narrowly split over the preferred design for the soon-to-be revitalized recreation hub.
  • Senior eviction lawsuit closes with settlement
    A lawsuit filed against the landlord who evicted Marie Hatch from her longtime Burlingame home settled with a $200,000 award to the son of the senior tenant whose displacement garnered international attention.