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  • Billions of Seconds Wasted
    The latest tweaks to the design of the San Francisco Downtown Extension (DTX) rail alignment can be seen in a March 2018 track plan and profile drawing. Because it largely follows the street grid, it's no secret that the alignment is full of sharp curves, which can only be traversed at slow speed. However, compared […]
  • Grade Crossing Trouble Ahead
    Grade crossing in Denver (photo: RTD)Denver's RTD has been operating a new 25 kV electrified commuter railroad since 2016. There's a big problem with it: the grade crossings gates are down for too long, which the FRA and Colorado PUC consider hazardous because impatient motorists frustrated by a longer-than-expected wait may drive around the gates […]
  • Thinking Big in Redwood City
    The architecture of Amsterdam Bijlmer(photo by tataAnne) could representthe future Redwood City station.In a seamless transportation network that runs on a regular clockface schedule with timed, well-coordinated transfers, connecting nodes play a key role. Redwood City has natural potential as a connecting node, being located approximately at the midpoint of the peninsula rail corridor, serving […]
  • Growing Caltrain into an 8-Lane Freeway
    Caltrain can and should become an eight-lane freeway. Not like an ugly concrete scar tearing loudly through the landscape, but in terms of throughput capacity in people per hour. Today, Caltrain already carries the equivalent of nearly 3 freeway lanes, and more than doubling the system's capacity is hardly a moonshot. For perspective, BART's Transbay […]
  • Still Dithering on Level Boarding
    EMU low door configurationRecent documents seeking regulatory relief from certain FRA requirements for Caltrain's new EMU fleet reveal details of the interface between the train and a station platform.The lower doors of the EMUs will feature a deploying step at 15 inches (measured above the top of the rail), halfway between the 8-inch platform and […]

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  • Choosing to stand together
    Essays, poems and art projects in hand, dozens of students filled the halls of San Mateo’s Martin Luther King Community Center this week to share works celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s example and its resonance today.
  • Community center, downtown, Firehouse Square under review
    The Belmont City Council is set to discuss a handful of noteworthy development projects, including a new community center, at its upcoming meeting, and it will also consider zoning amendments so that housing for seniors can be built downtown.
  • Seton offer spells relief for officials
    More than four months after the operator of the Seton Medical Center in Daly City and the Seton Coastside in Moss Beach filed for bankruptcy, a bid to acquire the two facilities is bringing a wave of relief for county…
  • From Broadmoor to Fog City Magic
    San Mateo County native Christian Cagigal has been performing a unique blend of magic and theater for years around the Bay Area. Next week, a magic and comedy festival he co-created will kick off in San Francisco, and Cagigal is…
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