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  • Thoughts on Grade Separations
    The emerging Caltrain business plan is broaching the issue of grade separations, a decadal process that has been underway, well, for decades. We're already 63% of the way there today, with another dozen new grade separation projects in various stages of planning or construction. Achieving a reasonable level of grade separation for the peninsula corridor is […]
  • Foundation Progress Tracker
    One way to measure the progress of a large and complex construction program like the Peninsula Corridor Electrification Program is to count how many foundations have been completed. This is a revealing metric, since foundation construction is currently the top risk on the program due to surprises when digging holes along the right of way. It's […]
  • Eyes on Bikes
    The configuration of the new EMU bike cars is controversial because seating and bikes are not currently planned to be located together on the same level, which prevents riders from keeping an eye on their bikes and increases the risk of theft. A workshop is planned to resolve this eyes-on-bikes controversy.Bike Capacity ShenanigansClouding the issue […]
  • 1 Bike Less = 1 Car Less
    A packed bike car(photo: Steve Wilhelm)Bikes Onboard, an advocacy group for Caltrain's globally-unique system of carrying thousands of bicycles on board crowded rush hour trains, is lobbying for more bicycle storage space on Caltrain's new EMUs. The argument goes that creating more space for bikes encourages people to leave their car at home, resulting in […]
  • Build a Dumbarton Rail Tunnel
    The Dumbarton water tunnel TBM,being assembled for the start of itsfive-mile drive under the Bay in 2011.Boring a new tunnel under the Dumbarton corridor, through muddy soils right under a sensitive national wildlife refuge, seems like an impossibly difficult, risky and expensive undertaking in this day and age. But here's a little-known fact: it's already […]

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  • A religious experience
    Cotter Church Supply doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic. In fact, many people strolling down Grand Avenue in South San Francisco find themselves confused by the store.
  • HMB moves to protect renters
    The Half Moon Bay City Council directed city staff to move forward with three renter protection measures about six months after the topic was last discussed, and it also provided direction as to how the city’s affordable housing fund should…
  • Lawmaker’s bills aim at affordability crisis
    While Sacramento’s legislative gears grind, transform and halt many bills proposed to combat the state’s affordable housing crisis, a Bay Area lawmaker’s initiatives have established increasing momentum.
  • Businesses criticize South City transporation tax plan
    Small business owners and landlords in South San Francisco are claiming a potential tax intended to help pay for clearing traffic congestion east of Highway 101 is unfair and unnecessary.
  • San Mateo County police reports
    That’s un-American