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Category: Transit Village

Transit Village Referendum

Interesting thread going on at the San Carlos Patch.  It looks like Ben Fuller has been investigating getting a referendum on the ballot for the San Carlos Transit Village Project. Lot’s of interesting discussion and...

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169,000 Homes in Jeopardy

Interesting article in today’s Daily Post is here.  Please check it out. Remember that the first public San Carlos Transit Village meeting is at the library Thursday night May 30th at 7PM. The San Carlos Transit Village...

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EIR and CEQA Process

Interesting thread going on on San Carlos Patch. There is a lot of dis-information going around regarding CEQA process. Unfortunately and disconcertingly, that dis-information is coming from city staff. I’m pasting the...

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City Council Elections

Dear Residents, We took the first step in getting city government to start listening to our concerns by turning out at last night’s election for City Council.  We had a 35% turnout while the the city-wide turnout was 26%....

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In N Out Poll

There have been news articles and Television coverage regarding the new In N Out burger restaurant on Industrial Road. Different people have different takes on the subject and whether or not the city should have allowed the...

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