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  • Fleet of the Future
    Not bad in blue, huh? This parody of the fragmented state of Bay Area transit is based on an image by Stadler Rail. There should be plenty in this image to offend almost everyone!
  • The End of CBOSS
    The rosy view, from 2011Caltrain's troubled positive train control solution, known as CBOSS, has now been completely abandoned, to be replaced by the de-facto standard freight PTC technology known as I-ETMS. That's mostly good news, since Caltrain will no longer be stranded with a globally unique PTC system. I-ETMS is being deployed by numerous other […]
  • CalMod 2.0: Three Things to Watch
    UPDATE, from Caltrain TIRCP funding applicationCalMod 2.0 is now formally known as EEP or Electrification Expansion Program100% state-funded through cap and trade program (TIRCP)Consists almost entirely of option buys of 96 EMU cars for $600M17 x 8-car EMU fleet planned for start of electric service (if $$ awarded)No 4-car EMUs (this is super important for future […]
  • CBOSS Dumpster Fire Update
    The CBOSS development lifecycle,as anticipated in 2009 on this blog.Today we are at "point of no return."The deadly crash of an Amtrak train near Tacoma, Washington, which would likely have been prevented if a PTC (Positive Train Control) system had been in place, has renewed the discussion of the status of PTC systems in the […]
  • Thoughts on Palo Alto
    There is a vigorous discussion of grade separations now underway in Palo Alto. It misses several important points:1) Grade Separation is not one project. Trying to come up with a single, grand unifying grade separation scheme for the entire rail corridor through Palo Alto is to over-constrain the problem and to limit the range of feasible […]

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  • Private ferry to launch out of Redwood City
    A ferry company hired by a “large private employer” is set to launch out of the Port of Redwood City starting Monday, June 18, a move embraced by some for relieving traffic congestion while others are concerned about the safety…
  • Second round for salmon
    Commercial fishermen are counting down the days until they’re allowed to catch salmon off the California coast for the second stint in this limited season.
  • Tables turn with latest vote count in razor-close superintendent race
    Those watching the fluctuations of the narrowing gap between two colleagues in a race for county superintendent were in for a twist Friday afternoon after updated results from the county Elections Office showed associate county superintendent Nancy Magee has taken…
  • Got your goat
    San Mateo County might strike some as an odd place to raise a goat. But for the competitors in this year’s Youth Livestock Competition at the San Mateo County Fair, there is no better way to spend their free time.
  • San Mateo County unemployment falls to 1.9 percent
    California’s unemployment rate remained at a record low of 4.2 percent in May while San Mateo County’s rate dipped to 1.9 percent, maintaining its hold as the lowest in the state, according to data released Friday by the state Employment…