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  • PCEP: Farce Majeure
    This post serves as a place to track monthly status updates of the Peninsula Corridor Electrification Program, peeling back the rosy pronouncements put forth by the managers of this deeply troubled project. Let's start off with our handy foundation & pole progress tracker, updated monthly Monthly updates will be added here as they occur.Notes from […]
  • The Unbearable Cost of Conductors
    [Programming note: while the current pandemic may appear to make the discussion below irrelevant, consider that by 1920, there were few memories of the Spanish flu pandemic of 1918. Jammed peninsula commutes will be back sooner than you think!] Caltrain in 1980: crew includedengineer, fireman, brakemanand conductor.The way it wasBack in 1980, Caltrain's predecessor, the Southern […]
  • Pandemic Open Thread
    These are challenging times. We can ponder ideas that are significantly outside the mainstream, taking an existing concept and extrapolating it, Black Mirror style, to its extreme conclusion. Here are some controversial conversation starters:Southbound BART Purple Line train arrives at Palo AltoMerge Caltrain Into BART.  The long-standing push to get the operation of Caltrain a […]
  • Electric Timetable Contest
    The coveted Takt CupTimetable planning has long been a staple of this blog, with the support of rapid prototyping tools like Richard Mlynarik's excellent Taktulator, a calculator for "Taktverkehr," the German term for clockface timetabling. While it may take a few minutes to learn how to use the tool, you can easily punch in a […]
  • Three Next Steps
    Caltrain's exhaustive business plan effort has resulted in a long range service vision for how to grow the railroad to the year 2040, recently adopted by the board as official policy. This is the mountain we wish to climb. How do we climb it? One step at a time. In fact, with electrified service now […]

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