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  • Three Next Steps
    Caltrain's exhaustive business plan effort has resulted in a long range service vision for how to grow the railroad to the year 2040, recently adopted by the board as official policy. This is the mountain we wish to climb. How do we climb it? One step at a time. In fact, with electrified service now […]
  • Risk and Opportunity in Redwood City
    Lowe, a major real estate development firm, is preparing to redevelop Redwood City's Sequoia Station, an outdated strip mall adjacent to the Caltrain station, into a 12-acre mixed-use project with towers up to 17 stories tall.  If that is eye-opening to residents of Redwood City, consider that few people yet know that a greatly expanded […]
  • Electrification Delayed
    Caltrain's electrification project is showing ominous signs of falling badly behind schedule. There are at least five bearish indicators:Slippery milestoneSlipping Milestones. One key milestone reported in the project's monthly progress reports is known as "Electrification Substantial Completion." From the December 2018 report to the July 2019 report (over a span of 7 months), the milestone […]
  • Emergency Exit Fail
    Caltrain's new EMU train cars have an unusual configuration with two sets of doors. The lower level doors will be used at existing Caltrain stations, while the intermediate level doors (above the wheels at the ends of each car) are intended to be used at an undetermined date in the 2030s once these trains begin […]
  • Thoughts on Grade Separations
    The emerging Caltrain business plan is broaching the issue of grade separations, a decadal process that has been underway, well, for decades. We're already 63% of the way there today, with another dozen new grade separation projects in various stages of planning or construction. Achieving a reasonable level of grade separation for the peninsula corridor is […]

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  • Burlingame apartments deal gets OK
    Following a couple of discussions exhaustively vetting the risks associated with a unique offer, Burlingame officials agreed to take a chance on a proposed land deal designed to boost the city’s affordable housing stock.
  • Third time’s a charm for Millbrae’s Schneider?
    After contention clouded the past two Millbrae City Council rotations, officials will again address the issue of protocol and whether Councilwoman Ann Schneider should be named vice mayor.
  • Coastal farms in dispute over ponds
    A dispute over whether the owner of a Pescadero farm can continue to do construction work and use ponds on an adjacent property to irrigate his property may see its day in court after the owner of Hiller Ranch filed…
  • Safety concerns stalling homeless aid center plan
    The Half Moon Bay City Council delayed final approval of a loan to help fund a workforce development center for homeless people due to safety concerns stemming from the building’s proximity to a school.
  • Filoli visitors tell immigrant stories
    More than 2,500 and still counting! That’s the number of stories handwritten by visitors to the recent People of Filoli exhibit at the Filoli estate which focused on the immigrants who formed the staff at the palatial mansion in Woodside…