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  • Eyes on Bikes
    The configuration of the new EMU bike cars is controversial because seating and bikes are not currently planned to be located together on the same level, which prevents riders from keeping an eye on their bikes and increases the risk of theft. A workshop is planned to resolve this eyes-on-bikes controversy.Bike Capacity ShenanigansClouding the issue […]
  • 1 Bike Less = 1 Car Less
    A packed bike car(photo: Steve Wilhelm)Bikes Onboard, an advocacy group for Caltrain's globally-unique system of carrying thousands of bicycles on board crowded rush hour trains, is lobbying for more bicycle storage space on Caltrain's new EMUs. The argument goes that creating more space for bikes encourages people to leave their car at home, resulting in […]
  • Build a Dumbarton Rail Tunnel
    The Dumbarton water tunnel TBM,being assembled for the start of itsfive-mile drive under the Bay in 2011.Boring a new tunnel under the Dumbarton corridor, through muddy soils right under a sensitive national wildlife refuge, seems like an impossibly difficult, risky and expensive undertaking in this day and age. But here's a little-known fact: it's already […]
  • Palo Alto: Designing in a Vacuum
    Palo Alto is continuing the fraught public process of winnowing down the feasible and acceptable options for grade separating the four remaining rail crossings. Having hired an engineering consultant, the city is busily making plans for railroad land that doesn't belong to it and over which it has no jurisdiction.The fancy renderings from a recent […]
  • Billions of Seconds Wasted
    The latest tweaks to the design of the San Francisco Downtown Extension (DTX) rail alignment can be seen in a March 2018 track plan and profile drawing. Because it largely follows the street grid, it's no secret that the alignment is full of sharp curves, which can only be traversed at slow speed. However, compared […]

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  • Hang glider pilot who died off Pacifica identified
    The pilot of a hang glider who crashed into the Pacific Ocean off of the coast of Pacifica Sunday afternoon has been identified by the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office as 44-year-old San Francisco resident Christopher Carrillo.
  • Downtown Burlingame business woes weighed
    Seeking to stem the rise of storefront vacancies amidst a changing retail landscape, merchants, landlords and residents brainstormed methods to rejuvenate Burlingame’s popular shopping districts.
  • Belmont plans to upgrade sports complex this year
    A project consisting of various upgrades to Belmont’s sports complex, including the installation of synthetic turf fields, is set to break ground later this year after being contemplated for more than a decade.
  • San Bruno trash rates to increase
    San Bruno officials blessed a garbage collection rate hike, though the increased payments for residents will be less than the amount originally sought by Recology.
  • The Blues brought cheers to San Mateo
    San Mateo once had a baseball team called the Blues, which was consistently ranked among the top semi-pro teams in Northern California. Fitzgerald Field at San Mateo Central Park off El Camino Real is named for the manager of the…