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It’s Back!!!!!

Posted on Jul 27, 2012 in GESC Meetings | 1 comment

Please watch the video to learn about this monstrous development and come to...

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Carlos Club Expansion Article

Posted on Mar 3, 2012 in General Issues | 0 comments

Here is an article from the Peninsula Press regarding the proposed expansion...

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Cleanup at Future PAMF Site Completed

Posted on Feb 5, 2012 in PAMF | 0 comments

Months after the pre-mature announcement, the closure report verifying the...

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Carlos Club Expansion – January 25th Meeting

Posted on Dec 4, 2011 in General Issues | 1 comment

Carlos Club plans major expansion The Planning Commission Meeting will be on...

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City Council Elections

Posted on Nov 9, 2011 in Transit Village | 0 comments

Dear Residents, We took the first step in getting city government to start...

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Get out the Vote Tuesday – Nov 8th, 2011

Posted on Nov 6, 2011 in Editorial | 0 comments

Dear Neighbors, We need your help so we can help each other.  This years’...

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More Zoning changes to the East Side

Posted on Oct 1, 2011 in Transit Village | 0 comments

The EDAC Economic Development Advisory Committee has made proposed changes to...

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Zoning Changes for San Carlos

Posted on Jul 30, 2011 in San Carlos General Plan | 1 comment

Dear Residents, The City Planning Commission will be reviewing major zoning...

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In N Out Poll

Posted on Jul 16, 2011 in Transit Village | 1 comment

There have been news articles and Television coverage regarding the new In N...

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Old County Rd. Improvements

Posted on Jul 15, 2011 in General Issues | 0 comments

There will be a community workshop regarding Old County Road improvements and...

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